Teddy Lupus
Species: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Voiced by: Dick Gautier

Teddy Lupus was an actor and stand-in for Matt Hagen, as well as his best friend.


Teddy was the only one Hagen told about his accident and his subsequent addiction to Renuyu. He didn't like the idea of his friend having to keep crawling back to Roland Daggett for more, and having to do anything he wanted. Teddy would even go as far as to conceal Hagen's jars of Renuyu, so he would only use his limited supply when necessary.

When Hagen's plan to steal more Renuyu from Daggett backfired and resulted in him being turned into Clayface, it was Teddy who went out searching for him and found his friend in his car, and in horribly mutated state, where Raymond Bell and Germs had left him.

Teddy helped Clayface get back to his apartment, offering support and compassion, things that he needed now more than ever. Subsequently, Teddy briefly assisted him in his one-man war of revenge against Daggett, but after he openly expressed his opinion that he was going too far in his quest for vengeance, Clayface abandoned him.

After Clayface faked his death, Teddy visited the morgue and said goodbye to his former friend, unaware that he was nearby in the guise of a woman, watching him. Clayface watched Teddy walk away and laughed.


Batman: The Animated Series

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