Teekl cat
Species: Familiar spirit
Hair: Orange-brown with black stripes and white secondary colors (fur)
Eyes: Blue
Affiliations: Klarion
Rogue of: Batman, Etrigan
Abilities: Intelligence, sneaking, humanoid transformation, enhanced strength and agility (while transformed)
Weaponry: Claws, teeth

At first glance, Teekl was a common household cat with a bad temper. In actuality, she was a familiar owned by Witch Boy Klarion.


Teekl transformed

Teekl transformed.

Obedient to her master alone, she often nestled herself in Klarion's arms or around his shoulders, and instinctively attacked anyone who tried to get close, regardless of their intentions.


While in her normal form, Teekl exhibited powers and abilities common to an average house cat, though clearly possessing above-average intelligence. However, she also has the ability to transform into a more humanoid-like form. In this form, she gains enhanced strength and agility, but not the ability to talk.


The New Batman Adventures

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