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Batman rogue
Thomas Blake
Thomas Blake
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Base: Gotham City
Weaponry: Razor sharp claws
Voiced by: Scott Cleverdon

Thomas Blake was the leader of a cat cult.


Thomas Blake ran a cat cult who caught Catwoman after she stole a very valuable cat statue. When Batman came to her rescue, he was almost eaten by Blake's pet, a ferocious, genetically-engineered clone of a Smilodon. Blake then fought him, and ended up seriously wounded, landing him in a hospital.

Background information

In the DC Comics Thomas Blake is an adventurer and costumed super-villain called Catman.

He has been a Batman villain since the fifties but recently has become portrayed as a fat has-been turned quasi-reformed mercenary antihero protagonist.


The New Batman Adventures

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