Beginning of Time

The beginning of time.

"Bro, if you think about these things too much, your head'll explode."
Richie Foley[1]

Time travel was a term generally applied to travel of the Time Stream, which would land the traveler in any past or future period.


Over the years, several successful time machines have been built. Vandal Savage[2] Chronos[3] and Timecode[4] built fully operative machines, while scientists such as Dr. Wakati[5] and Dr. McDonald[6] created devices that could slow its wearer down in hypertime. Toyman once built a temporal displacement beam without knowing it.[7]

As a result of inhaling Quantum Vapor, Nina Crocker also had time traveling abilities, albeit a crude form. Gear created a small box that could help her channel it. This ability made her one of the most powerful Bang Babies, but she traveled back in time to make sure she never acquired them.[1]

The time-stream was generally left unpoliced, though the Guardians of the Universe imposed a law that no-one could travel to the beginning of time.[8]

Time travelers

Note: This list does not include the return trip. "Back" and "Forward" are relative terms pertaining to the individual traveler's home period.

Back in Time


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