Toyman's toy factory explosion

From top to bottom: The clock bombs explosion, the fire eruption, and the barn explosion.

Toyman's toy factory explosion, as the name suggests, refers to the explosion of Toyman's toy factory from the Superman: The Animated Series episode, "Fun and Games". What makes this particular explosion more notable than all the others is the fact that its footage was used in several other episodes of the show, so as to enhance an explosion of lesser quality. This footage was eventually extended to other DCAU shows that followed Superman: The Animated Series until it was completely replaced by the Jolly Jack candy factory explosion.

The Toyman's toy factory explosion consists of three sequences: it is set off by the clock bombs explosion, then it ensues a fire eruption through the air vent that Superman evades with Lois Lane and Bruno Mannheim in tow, and it finally culminates with the barn explosion that blows the factory away.

Episode Occasion Sequence
Superman: The Animated Series
Opening sequence After Lex Luthor smashes the control of his mechanical T-Rex. Barn explosion
"Stolen Memories" For the explosion caused by the two missiles detonated by Brainiac. Barn explosion
For the missile launcher explosion. Clock bombs explosion
For the second launcher explosion. Fire eruption
When Superman punctures Brainiac's chest. Clock bombs explosion
The explosion caused by the missiles that hit Brainiac's ship. Clock bombs explosion
"Blasts From the Past, Part II" In the explosion caused by the car Superman throws at Mala. Barn explosion
For the gas tank explosion on the bridge. Clock bombs explosion
"Livewire" For the explosion caused when Livewire shoots Superman into an neon billboard. Clock bombs explosion
"Target" The explosion of the elevator sabotage by Lytener. Barn explosion
When Superman grabs the laser bars closing in on Lois. Clock bombs explosion
When Lytener delivers an uppercut on Superman. Clock bombs explosion
When Lytener punches Superman in the face. Clock bombs explosion
When Superman delivers an uppercut on Lytener. Clock bombs explosion
When Lytener's harness explodes. Clock bombs explosion
"Mxyzpixilated" When Mr. Mxyzptlk is testing the laser gun of his robot, it blows his head away causing an explosion. Clock bombs explosion
"Brave New Metropolis" When Luthor's jet collides with his monument. Clock bombs explosion
"The Hand of Fate" For the explosion caused by the car that Superman hurls at Karkull. Clock bombs explosion
"Heavy Metal" For the explosion caused by the car that crashes with the other two. Barn explosion
"Apokolips... Now!, Part II" When Steppenwolf hover bike explodes. Barn explosion
When Darkseid blasts Superman for rejecting his offer. Clock bombs explosion
When one SCU police office blasts on parademon. Clock bombs explosion
When Darkseid's Omega Beam hits Dan Turpin. Clock bombs explosion
"Little Girl Lost, Part II" When Amy blows up the door of Granny Goodness's secret room. Clock bombs explosion
When Supergirl blows up the Doomsday Magnet. Barn explosion
"New Kids in Town" For the explosion caused by the car that smashes into Brainiac. Barn explosion
"A Fish Story" When the hangar of Luthor's ship explodes, after he takes off. Barn explosion
The New Batman Adventures
"Sins of the Father" For the explosion at the docks. Clock bombs explosion
"Joker's Millions" When Joker's fake eye explodes. Clock bombs explosion
"Love is a Croc" For the Jackpot billboard that explodes. Barn explosion
"Old Wounds" When the Joker blows up the satellite dish. Fire eruption
Batman Beyond
"The Winning Edge" When J-Man blows up a van loaded with weapons. Clock bombs explosion
"Heroes" When the Trio Tower is hit with a missile. Clock bombs explosion
When the military blast through a wall of the Trio Tower. Fire eruption
"Ascension" When Blight blows up a panel inside the submarine. Clock bombs explosion
"Splicers" For the final explosion of Carmine's Taxidermy Studio. Clock bombs explosion
"Armory" When the pile of canisters explode. Clock bombs explosion
"Inqueling" When the petrol truck explodes. Barn explosion
When Winchell blasts Inque for the third time. Clock bombs explosion
"The Call, Part II" When Superman blasts Starro's brethren attached to Kai-Ro. Fire eruption
Static Shock
"Aftershock" When Hotstreak hits a Bang Baby with a fireball. Clock bombs explosion
When Hotstreak hurls a fireball at Static and when it hits him. Then again just before he is hosed down. Fire eruption
When Static blows up the control panels during his confrontation with York. Clock bombs explosion
Barn explosion
"Winds of Change" When the news van explodes. Barn explosion
"Power Play" When Richie is testing out his powers at the scrapyard. Clock bombs explosion
"Shebang" When Hotstreak hits the Multiplex billboard. Clock bombs explosion
Justice League
"Secret Origins, Part I" During the explosion at Wayne Tech right before Batman and Superman are knocked down to the ground. Fire eruption
"Legends, Part II" When the truck of TNT crashes into a store. Clock bombs explosion
Justice League Unlimited
"The Doomsday Sanction" When the warhead explodes. Fire eruption

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