Trina Jessup
Species: Human
Hair: Dark Red
Eyes: Green
Base: Dakota
Affiliations: Dakota Police Department
Voiced by: Sheryl Lee Ralph

Trina Jessup was a Dakota policewoman and girlfriend of Robert Hawkins.


Virgil Hawkins was stopped by officers Jessup and Garcia on his way back from school. A briefcase full of Bang Baby gas had been stolen, and the perpetrators were last seen nearby. When asked to show the contents of his backpack, Virgil refused, because the backpack contained his Static costume. Instead, he decided to run.

A surprise was in store for Virgil when he discovered that his father's new girlfriend and Officer Jessup were one and the same. After Robert learned what happened in the alley, he gave a lecture to Virgil and grounded him. Trina, in the meantime, tried to get friendly with Sharon. But Sharon doesn't want to welcome a new mother into her life. Shocked by the kids' reaction, Trina suggested to Robert that they'd take things a little slower.

Later, she and her partner Garcia were called by Virgil to help take on Royce, who was mutated by the Bang Baby formula she was looking for. They aided Static, and eventually arrested him. For this action, she was awarded a commendation by Chief Barnsdale.

Later, Trina visited the Hawkins involving a case with Puff and Onyx, and got into an argument with Adam over his suspected involvement.


Static Shock

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