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Turtle Man
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Base: Central City
Affiliations: Flash's Rogues' Gallery
Rogue of: Flash

Turtle-Man was a Flash rogue.


Turtle-Man was one of the villains hanging out in a Central City bar. When Batman, Orion and the Flash entered the bar, he made a run for it. Turtle-Man also had his own display in the Flash Museum; it was destroyed by one of Captain Boomerang's explosive boomerangs.

Background information

In the comics, the first Turtle-Man appeared in the 1940s battling Jay Garrick, the first Flash. He was known as Turtle-Man for his slow planning. The second Turtle-Man battled the second Flash, Barry Allen, with amazing technological devices that involved slowness. Eventually the first Turtle-Man came out of retirement and teamed up with the second to try and take over Keystone city, but they were defeated.


Justice League Unlimited

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