The USS Halsey.

The USS Halsey, serial number F84, was a US Navy frigate.


During the construction of Stonegate Penitentiary, the decommissioned USS Halsey was used as a prison ship in Gotham Harbor. Years after Stonegate's completion, the Halsey was still docked in Gotham, rusting away unused.

After being fired from Arkham Asylum, Lyle Bolton used the Halsey to store his prisoners, Summer Gleeson, Mayor Hill, Dr. Bartholomew and Jim Gordon. He was familiar with the ship, as he was the security chief during the Halsey's stint as a prison.

During a fight with Batman and Robin, the ship's engines were started, and it broke free of its anchor. With no-one to steer it, it rammed itself into the rocks off Gotham's coast. With its hull shredded, it began to founder. The ship's stern did not submerge, providing all aboard a chance to escape.

Background information

There have been two navy vessels with the name USS Halsey, both named after Bill Halsey. The first, DLG-23, was a cruiser, the second, DDG-97, a destroyer. The serial number F84 was never used by the US Navy.


Batman: The Animated Series

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