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Species: Human
Eyes: Black
Affiliations: Ra's al Ghul
Voiced by: Manu Tupou
George Dicenzo
Michael Horse

Ubu was Ra's al Ghul's trusted henchman.


Ubu's blind obedience made him a mostly silent accomplice in Ra's' terrorist plots. Ubu drew no views of his own and just did what his master ordered. He has only shown feelings of hatred for Batman, who turned down Ra's' offer of succession, but after Batman saved his life, Ubu developed a respect for him and willingly gave him his canteen of water in order to survive after Ra's al Ghul stranded him in the desert. Ubu also attended to Ra's' long lost son Arkady Duvall when he was going home with his father after so many years.

Background information

In the DC Comics, "Ubu" is a title passed on through many generations as the manservant of Ra's Al Ghul. Others, such as Bane, have taken the title as well. It's unclear whether the DCAU Ubu is one person or a title, though it's noteworthy that he was voiced by a different actor in all his appearances.


Batman: The Animated Series

Superman: The Animated Series

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