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  • AmuletCross

    VA Top 20 recap

    November 13, 2009 by AmuletCross

    The following is a recap of DC Animated voice actors 20 to 12. Won't be doing a list next Friday due to schoolwork.

    20. Mike Erwin 19. Hynden Walch 18. William Atherton 17. Michael York 16. Ed Asner 15. Sherman Howard 14. George Newman 13. Diedrich Bader 12. Adam West

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  • AmuletCross

    Top 20 DCAU VA 14-12

    November 6, 2009 by AmuletCross

    The following three actors have at least one or more connections to other shows featuring DC heroes. I chose the three that were the most distinctive and well-recognized.

    14. George Newbern (Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman (JL, JLU), Bizarro (JLU)) - George entered as a newcomer amidst controversy. Overtime, he got respect as a actor and proved that each voice of Superman is unique. He returned to play Superman in The Batman

    13. Diedrich Bader (Zeta) - This comedian opened as a hero in Batman Beyond, replacing Gary Cole as the voice of him. His character, Zeta, eventually got his own series. He has the honor of being in four DC cartoons, one in which he plays The Dark Knight: Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

    12. Adam West (Simon Trent/Gray Ghost) - N…

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  • AmuletCross

    Top 20 DCAU VA 17-15

    October 30, 2009 by AmuletCross

    Continuing where we left off, the last three were a tribute to one-shot characters. Here are the voice actors who I felt did a good job at rendering out of place villains, and continuing on with the top 20 DCAU voices.

    17. Michael York (Count Vertigo, Montague Kane, Ares) - York seems to have a flair for voice acting characters who manipulate to gain power. One of his characters was a con man who framed magicians, another grabbed power when he felt he was used. He's in there because he provides a distinction for each one.

    16. Ed Asner (Roland Daggett, Granny Goodness)- What I find creepy is that he was able to play both a male, White Collar criminal and a seemingly elder female with authority. That's something.

    15. Sherman Howard (Steppenwolf…

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  • AmuletCross

    One of my interests is in Art. I think that when an actor or actress changes up his/her voice, it's art. Good or bad, I still applaud the creativity that the DCAU voice actors have. In response to Thailog's own list, I picked 20 voice actors that I felt were excellent and picked a memorable quote, either from conversations or single quotes.

    Here they are, in increasing order:

    20. Mike Erwin (Speedy) (This mainly goes to fact that he is also an actor on screen. I think his best voice is mainly his teenage one, which he uses for Speedy. He only got a small role, but it's used in two shows: JLU and Teen Titans)


    19. Hynden Walch (Ace, Permafrost) (I like voices of young girls, no matter what language the show is in. By young, I mean early t…

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