• CrazyDude99

    Golden Banshee

    December 29, 2009 by CrazyDude99

    Name:Golden Banshee

    Master:Silver Banshee

    Voiced By:User:CrazyDude99

    • "Harley's Holiday"
    • "Lock-Up"

    • "Holiday Knights"
    • "Joker's Millions"

    • "The Vault"
    • "Trick or Trick?"
    • "Jailhouse Wreck"

    • "Unity"

    • "Hard as Nails"

    • "Hereafter, Part I"

    • "I Am Legion"
    • "Chaos at the Earth's Core"
    • "To Another Shore"
    • "Dead Reckoning"
    • "The Great Brain Robbery"
    • "Grudge Match"
    • "Alive!"
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