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  • Harryllax

    Forgive me if this has been touched on before, but did the creators actually confirm with 100% certainty that Shayera was the mother of Warhawk? There's no question John was the father, but the father-son conversation in "The Once And Future Thing, Part II: Time, Warped" went exactly like this:

    Warhawk: "This is a little weird for everybody. I'm Warhawk. Rex Stewart."
    John: "Your mother...who is she?"
    Warhawk: "Kind of obvious, don't you think?"
    Batman (Bruce): "Even if it isn't, leave it be. You don't want to know too much about your future."
    Batman (Terry): "Trust me, you really don't."
    Static: "Shayera was one cranky pregnant lady. Although to be fair, If I'd laid an egg that size..."
    Warhawk: "He's kidding, Dad. Not that I understand why you…

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  • Harryllax

    I remember reading once that Warhawk (Rex Stewart) was named after his father's good friend, Rex Mason (a.k.a. Metamorpho). Has this ever been confirmed as canon, or is it just a fan theory?

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  • Harryllax

    From a storyline standpoint, Ajuris-4 sure seemed like a stand-in for Cosmic Odyssey's Xanshi, the alien planet a then-young cocky rookie John Stewart inadvertently allowed to be destroyed due to his hot-dogging and overreliance on his power ring.

    Obviously, the fate of Ajuris-4 turned out much different, but you can't deny that many elements of the Xanshi thing were clear and present; Primarily Stewart being (at least temporarily) universally hated for his "destruction" of a world, and his own inner doubts about himself, which he eventually overcame.

    I feel it at least deserves a mention under "Trivia." What does everybody else think?

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