My name is Jack Piper, but I prefer to go JD

You may not know who I am, but someday you will. I am currently working on at least six TV shows right now, two of which occur in the DCAU.

The first one is entitled NTT and takes place 30 years after the events of Batman Beyond, one of the greatest shows ever. It revolves around an aged Terry who has retired the Batman mantle and is living happily with Dana, his wife, Matt, his brother, and Jaden, his son who is training to become the next Batman.

The other show is a spin-off entitled Teen Titans L.A. and it revolves around all female former Titans who join together to protect Los Angeles.

I would love to give away, but I'm a sneaky little guy and like to make some things a secret so you'll just have to wait a few years to see my vision come to life.

If you'd like to learn more about my other shows, just contact my through either youtube or facebook

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