Here's a list of my favorite voices in the DC Animated Universe. I picked the voices that I find most distinctive and can't get tired of listening to.

  1. Ed Asner (is there anyone more versatile, I mean, what would Granny Goodness be without Mr. Asner's fantastic delivery?)
  2. Tim Curry (could listen to him reading a phone book)
  3. Michael York (ditto)
  4. Mark Hamill (that laughter...)
  5. Michael Rosenbaum (Gotta love his Walken and Spacey impersonations)
  6. Michael Ironside (they actually stopped pitching his voice down because it wasn't needed)
  7. Lisa Edelstein (sexy)
  8. Hector Elizondo (menacing and deceptive at the same time)
  9. Carl Lumbly (either hero or villain -- bad ass)
  10. George Takei (too bad he didn't have that many lines)

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