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Species: Kryptonian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Relatives: Kal-El (father)
Loana (mother)
Jor-El (paternal grandfather)
Lara-El (paternal grandmother)
Sul-Van (paternal great-grandfather)
Base: Krypton
Voiced by: Josh Hutcherson

Van-El was the Kryptonian son of Kal-El and Loana in Superman's Black Mercy-induced dream.


After visiting his elderly grandfather, Van went to a telescope to see the stars with his father. There, his father (in some pain) revealed to Van that he was the beacon of light in his father's life. Van had much to learn and his father feels at ease to be there to infuse him with morals and experience. His father's most difficult part of "leaving" was saying goodbye to his son, who was scared.


Justice League Unlimited

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