Wade Pennington
Species: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Relatives: Wade Pennington (father)
unnamed mother
Base: Pennington Estate, Malibu Island
Voiced by: Chad Lowe

Wade Pennington was the son of Peter Pennington and heir to Pennington Robotics.


Wade lived a rather sheltered life on the Pennington Estate, under the protection of his bodyguard, Sven and served by his own company's robots, which he delighted in abusing. He developed a spoiled, irritating personality, a factor which led to him to not receiving many visitors.

After he was saved from Sven's ransom scheme by Zeta, a robot, Wade's outlook changed considerably. He was last seen back on his estate, treating his robots with more respect and even facing them in regular basketball matches.


The Zeta Project

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