Btas-wayne enterprises

The Wayne Enterprises building in Gotham City.

Wayne Enterprises was the multinational business empire that Bruce Wayne inherited from his parents upon their deaths.


The company's headquarters were based in a skyscraper in Gotham City, which was equipped with several secret passageways that would allow Wayne to leave unseen,[1] some of which Bruce Wayne had personally developed.[2]

Day-to-day operations of the company were managed by Lucius Fox;[3] Bruce Wayne was still the overall owner and would still participate in corporate affairs on a limited basis.

The company's main rivals were Daggett Industries,[4] LexCorp[5] and Powers Technology.[6] The latter would eventually succeed in a hostile takeover, resulting in the conglomerate Wayne-Powers.[6] As he grew older, his declining health and the loss of his majority shareholding in the company caused Bruce Wayne to retire into semi-seclusion. It was first taken over by Derek Powers,[6] then by his son Paxton[7] and Jordan Pryce.[8] Following the arrest of the latter, Wayne returned to his company as CEO and Chairman of the Board whereupon it was renamed Wayne Enterprises.


Subsidiary Companies

  • Wayne Biomedical Labs[9]
  • Wayne Foundation[10]
  • Wayne Industries[13]
  • Wayne Motors[14]
  • WayneCorp[15]
  • WayneTech Enterprises[16]
    • WayneTech Labs[17]
      • WayneTech Optical Research Laboratories[18]
  • Wayne Cosmetics[19]
  • Wayne Aerospace[20]


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