Lobo: Webseries episode
When Pigs Fly
"When Pigs Fly"
Production Number: 11
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"When Pigs Fly" is the eleventh episode of Lobo: Webseries.


Lobo goes to Fat Whutzat's music and repair shop to pick up his SpazFrag 666. When Whutzat refuses to give Lobo the bike due to unpaid bills, Lobo fights him and kills everyone else in the shop. Lobo tells him he will capture Mudboy for his twenty thousand credit bounty and pay Whutzat back for the bike, new gear and three nights with his daughters. He borrows Whutzat's Space Penguins as a new ride.

Interactive Segment

  • A band's practice goes horribly wrong.

Background information

Production notes

  • In the minigame, the player has to find Lobo on a grid.



Previously produced episode:
"Lobo for President"
Episodes of
''Lobo: Webseries''
Next produced episode:
"Arms & The Main Man"
Previously aired episode:
"Lobo for President"
Next aired episode:
"Arms & The Main Man"

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