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William Hootkins (born July 5, 1948 in Dallas Texas – October 23, 2005 in Santa Monica, California) was an American actor.

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A versatile character actor, Hootkins played a wide variety of roles, including Rebel pilot Jek Porkins (Red Six) in the first Star Wars film, and the corrupt GCPD Lt. Eckhardt in 1989's Batman.

He also played twice in George Lucas's Indiana Jones mythos, appearing as Army Intelligence Major Eaton in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and as Russian artist Sergei Diaghilev in an episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

Other voice work included various roles in the video games Crash Bandicoot:Warped, Everquest II, and the voice of the Crimson Dynamo in 1995's animated Iron Man.

Hootkins passed away on October 23, 2005, in Santa Monica, California, after succumbing to pancreatic cancer.

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