Winslow Schott
Real name: Winslow P. Schott
Species: Human
Hair: White
Eyes: Black
Relatives: Winslow Schott, Jr. (son)

Winslow P. Schott was a kindly toymaker.


As would be recounted to Lois Lane, Schott originally crafted toys from a workshop, taking satisfaction that children enjoyed his wares. His ambition was to mass produce his toys with a factory, but he lacked the capital. Bruno Mannheim offered to pay for the factory, but used it as a front for his numbers racket. When authorities closed in, Mannheim skipped town and let Schott take the fall. When Clark Kent was researching the trial, it was believed Mannheim was the chief suspect in the illegal business, but the paper trail implicated Schott. Schott was convicted of the crime and sentenced to ten years imprisonment. When the villian Toyman began attacking Mannheim and his operations, Kent believed Schott was Toyman's true identity. That theory was disproven by Jimmy Olsen, who found Schott's obituary dated prior to the attacks. Kent sympathetically remarked that Schott died shortly before he was being considered for parole. The true identity of Toyman was Winslow Schott Junior, the son of the elder Schott, whom as a minor was bounced around from foster home to foster home (in his words) "like a toy nobody wanted". Angry at losing his father, the younger Schott took on the persona of Toyman in revenge, as well as to keep his life in a state of perpetual childhood innocence.


Superman: The Animated Series

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