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Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman (movie)
Directed by Lauren Montgomery
Release date(s) March 3, 2009
Running time 74 minutes
Images (36)

Wonder Woman is the fourth direct-to-video animated film of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line released by Warner Premiere and Warner Bros. Animation.

The film serves as an origin for the title character as she makes her first venture into man's world and has to stop Ares from destroying the planet with a world-wide war.

The film of course, is not canon with the DCAU continuity, but does share many similar plot elements with the Justice League episode "Paradise Lost" with Ares taking the place of Hades. He, too, is portrayed as having a history with Wonder Woman's mother, Hippolyta (even having a child with her), being imprisoned with the Amazons keeping watch over him, and bringing back dead amazons to fight while fighting Wonder Woman himself. Also, Diana defends herself from a lightning strike from Ares in an almost identical fashion as she did on "Hereafter" (to which Flash replied "There are so many reasons why that shouldn't have worked.").


Actor Role(s)
Keri Russell Wonder Woman
Nathan Fillion Steve Trevor
Alfred Molina Ares
Rosario Dawson Artemis
Marg Helgenberger Hera
Oliver Platt Hades
Virginia Madsen Hippolyta
Skye Arens Little Girl
John DiMaggio Deimos
Julianne Grossman Etta Candy
Vicki Lewis Persephone
David McCallum Zeus
Jason Miller Thrax
Rick Overton Slick
Andrea Romano President's Advisor

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