Species: Human
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Base: Gotham City
Affiliations: Riddler
Voiced by: William Katt

Zowie was a henchman of Riddler.


Zowie and Manny worked for Nygma when he struck a business deal with Charles Baxter. While Riddler kept up the façade of a reformed genius, his two thugs executed his plans. They robbed a jewelry store at 10 Leslie Avenue, but Batman and Robin soon found them out. After a harrowing escape on a window washer's carriage, they returned to Riddler, but with only a portion of the loot.

Zowie was a bit more nervous and twitchy than Manny, and not quite as strong. Batman confronted both of them again in Riddler's loft and defeated Zowie by throwing him through a table. He was later arrested along with Manny, but both testified against Riddler in exchange for being set free.


Batman: The Animated Series

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